Riffs from every song off of Arctic Monkeys’ AM album all played in one go on an acoustic guitar.

"Writing isn’t the same as speaking, I struggle with conversation."

"please can you tell me where to find the video which you used for gifs of alex (the post you posted 10 days ago with tag "this turned out much worse than i expected ") thanks ;)" —leechi

sure, here you go (x) :)


i might look like AM on the outside,but on the inside i’m just the Submarine soundtrack 

"That’s not to be a downer on it. It’s been great to be here. Fire. It’s wonderful. Like wonderful musicians, people here in the room tonight. It’s a pleasure to be mentioned alongside of course and all that, but yeah for us I think any victory comes closer to the conception of the song or the record in the first place, you know."